Welcome to Stationery Wholesalers'
Swish Rewards Program.

Stationery Wholesalers is excited to announce the launch of
our new Loyalty Program - Swish Rewards


The Swish Rewards Program is an ongoing loyalty program available to all customers of Stationery Wholesalers.

Simply register and then buy eligible products from Stationery Wholesalers and you’ll automatically earn Swish Dollars.

Convert your Swish Dollars into the e-gift voucher of your choice from a wide selection including shopping, movies, petrol, iTunes, mobile recharge, charity donations and many more.

No password required, no app to install. Your email address becomes your Swish Wallet. 

Want to know more? See our FAQ's below.

Register Now and start accruing Swish Rewards.



So how does it work?

When you make qualifying purchases from Stationery Wholesalers, you'll automatically1 earn Swish Dollars that can be converted directly into e-gift voucher of your choice from a wide selection including shopping, movies, petrol, iTunes, mobile recharge, charity donations and many more.

Which products will qualify?

Each month, we'll feature different products from our extensive range and the purchase of these products will secure you Swish Dollars. The amount may vary from product to product, so it's best to keep your eye out for our emails that detail what rewards are on offer.

How much are the Swish Dollars actually worth?

Unlike other complicated loyalty schemes, we're keeping this really simple. 5 Swish Dollars is easily converted into a $5 e-gift voucher of your choice.

Can I combine amounts that I earn at different times?

Absolutely! The whole point of the Swish Rewards Program is to reward you with Swish Dollars regularly and for you to combine the total amounts. When you reach an amount of your choosing2, you can “cash out” your Swish Dollars, choosing to exchange it for the e-gift voucher of your choice.

How do I convert Swish Dollars into vouchers?

You'll receive an email each time you earn Swish Dollars. When you click on the link within the email you'll also see the current balance of your Swish Wallet and you can decide if you wish to “cash out” and thereby turn your Swish Dollars into a gift voucher of your choice2. When you choose to do so, select the amount you wish to cash out, and you'll then receive an email with a link that will allow you to redeem your voucher.

What happens to the remaining balance after I redeem?

You can only redeem for an e-gift card that is a multiple of $5 (for example, $5, $10, $15, $20, etc.) If you have a balance remaining after redeeming, that balance will be held for you in your Swish Wallet. When you next accumulate Swish Dollars in future, they'll be added to that balance.

Will my Swish Dollars Expire?

While they have no fixed expiry date, your Swish Dollars will expire if there is no activity in your Swish Wallet for 24 months. To prevent your Swish Dollars from expiring, all you need to do is earn Swish Dollars, redeem Swish Dollars, or check the balance of your Swish Wallet at least once every 2 years. However, once you convert your Swish Dollars into e-gift voucher(s), these voucher(s) will have an expiry period as per the merchant's conditions. These are typically between 1 and 6 months, are easily visible when you choose your reward and only apply from when you convert your Swish Dollars (not from when you earn them).

Are there any fees or charges for using Swish Rewards?

No, there are no fees or charges to use Swish Rewards. It's entirely free to access and there are no charges when you redeem your rewards either.

Can anyone else access my Swish Wallet?

Your Swish Wallet can only be accessed via a special secure link, and this link can only be sent to your email address. No one else can access your Swish Wallet unless they can access your email, or unless you forward the link to them.

So if someone has access to my email, then they can access my Swish Wallet?

Yes, each Swish Wallet belongs to the owner(s) of that email address. Anyone who has access to that email is able to access the corresponding Swish Wallet. In addition, anyone with access to the secure link will have access to that Swish Wallet.

Can I have multiple Swish Wallets?

You can have as many Swish Wallets as you have email accounts. However we suggest using only one email address for your Swish Wallet, as it will allow you to easily consolidate all the Swish Dollars you earn.

Who can earn Swish Dollars at my company?

When you place an order with Stationery Wholesalers for eligible products, any Swish Dollars earned will be awarded to the default recipient for your account. With each new order, you’ll have the opportunity to override the default recipient’s email address.

Customers with multiple accounts (eg for different cost centres or locations) can assign a different recipient for the Swish Dollars earned for each account. Please call our friendly Customer Service team on (02) 8594 2222 to discuss this option for your company.

What if my company has a “no gifts” policy? Can I still participate?

This may be a matter that needs to be resolved within your own company. It may be appropriate to earn Swish Dollars that can be converted into e-gift vouchers to use internally (eg, as gifts/prizes that your company issues to its own staff) or even to convert them into donations to charity. Feel free to call us (02) 8594 2222 if you’d like any further information.